Richardson “Red” Griswold was appointed as Receiver by the San Diego County Superior Court in April 2016 to take control of a hoarder property in San Diego (Mira Mesa) and coordinate the clear-out and rehabilitation.  Below are recent news stories regarding the property, its condition, receivership status and neighborhood history:

CBS News 8 Story, dated 5/24/16

San Diego Union-Tribune Story, dated 6/1/16

San Diego Union-Tribune Story, dated 6/10/16

As a receiver in California, I am tasked routinely with remedying health and safety hazards present in residential housing.  With hoarding scenarios, the biggest challenge is dealing with the sometimes decades-long accumulation of “things.”  What one may consider garbage, a hoarder considers quite valuable.  Hoarding can cause serious safety risks for entire neighborhoods.  The accumulation of papers, coupled with aging electrical systems, pose fire risks.  Without safe and clear pathways for exiting the home, a house fire could be devastating for the owner as well.

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