Substandard motels are present in cities across California. We’ve all stayed in a motel where we wished we had read the Yelp reviews first, right? Usually property owners of these substandard commercial properties neglect the basic maintenance needs of the property to save money causing the property to fall into severe disrepair. In these situations, a Court-Appointed Health and Safety Receiver can provide the solution to protect the community and occupants from such dangerous conditions. A Receiver can be appointed by the court to rehabilitate and preserve substandard commercial properties.

A Receiver will step in and take temporary custody and control of the property and take over the operations of the commercial business. A receiver can protect not only the property value but the rights of the tenants/occupants and surrounding community to be freed from a dangerous nuisance property. The receiver will secure the property, collect rents/bookings, maintain and repair the property, manage existing and new leases/reservations, and ensure that contractors, service providers, and property-related taxes and expenses are paid. The receiver works with the City and Code Enforcement to address health and safety concerns, construction plans, permitting requirements, and code violations. A receiver will prevent theft, vandalism, criminal activity, and illegal dumping of trash on the property.

A Court-Appointed Health and Safety Receiver is a practical remedy that Cities rely on to tackle substandard properties. Richardson “Red” Griswold is appointed by California courts to act as a Health & Safety Code Receiver for dilapidated properties. For more information, please contact Griswold Law at (858) 481-1300 or